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What if your home was always organized and clutter-free? 


"Quick! Clean up - Someone's at the door!"

Did your heart just drop like mine did hearing that? You're not alone. That's exactly what I used to feel. 

All. The. Time. 

How many times have you thought....

  • as long as they don't open that cabinet
  • there's not enough time 
  • where do you start?

  • can you just burn it and start over? 
  • what if someone sees the truth 
  • have you forgotten something important

.....and how many hours have you wasted looking for things?

I get it. You're not alone!

I wasn't born organized, either. It was a struggle for me for a loooong time. 

Yep, that's little Suzanna in the photo. Every toy I owned I slept with in my bed - and I never wanted to get rid of any. As I grew older, I didn't really know what to do with all my stuff, so it just went anywhere. In college and into young adulthood the new challenge of papers took over. I'm surprised they didn't carry me away!  

I had to teach myself - one small step at a time

It wasn't an overnight process, but it was worth it! Eventually, after decades of studying organizing techniques, I wanted to help others avoid the trial and error, multiple failures and feeling of failure I went through. Over 12 years as a professional organizer, the 365 Project was created. There needed to be a DIY solution that really works. And I mean LONG TERM works. And it's available to you right now.

What do you get?

  • An email a day with a thought or task
  • SUPER quick and easy daily actions (we're talking 15-30 minutes usually, only longer on the weekends)
  • Private members-only Facebook group with more ideas, inspirations and encouragement (from people on the same journey as you)
  • Exclusive access to me every week with a live Q&A, PLUS I answer your questions in the group throughout the week
  • Better-than-an-organizing book organizing concepts every week 

Daily Small Actions

One email a day with an a quick action toward getting more organized.

Mental Shifts

One email a week discussing a mental shift to help you take your organizing to the next level.


A Private, Members-Only community of other people on the same journey as you. There to encourage and celebrate with you along the way.

Will 365 work for me?

So, 365 Project works best if you...

  • have 15 minutes a day to work on your home
  • want to make a permanent change in your life
  • have a thirst to learn more
  • enjoy a community of others on the smae journey
  • love to encourage others

"The 365 Project is amazing! Instead of trying to tackle an overwhelming overhaul or investing days on whole home organizing maintenance, this gives you the freedom to be organized and not feel like it's a huge time vampire. Great advice, doable tasks that can be completed in 30 min or less, and awesome results without having to spend all weekend buried in housework. Love it!"

- Cassi W.

"I really appreciated the bite-sized information the 365 Project gave me. Just enough useful tidbits to be see a difference without being overwhelming."

- Karla K.

"This daily program helped me to up my organizing skills simply and managebly, turning daunting tasks into bite-sized ones that could be tackled easily."

-Mark L.


What if I miss a day or more?

Your life moves fast and you're busy. I SO get that! 365 is designed to work whether you complete every single task, or if you miss one or many. Of course, your progress will be slower if you miss days, as long as you're reading the emails each day you're still getting the mental shifts needed to make a difference in your home and life.


I recommend it highly!

"Spark Organizing's Suzanna has an amazing plan to offer, breaking down the seemingly insurmountable task of 'getting organized' into manageable daily tasks. She offers encouraging words every day, and even builds in days off from the project. This is a super alternative to an all-out, one-time push! I recommend it highly!" 

MaryElla H.

Get the 365 Project for YOUR home and life today!

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